The War of Eight

3.5 beginning

Basic Summery:

4 adventures, a human cleric, a half-elf Fighter, a elf bard, and a elf Sorcerer

They were traveling through Stormvale just exploring, The storm got worse and forced them into a nearby inn called the Lucky Stranger. They went into the inn, got a table, ordered some drinks and proceeded to get heavily intoxicated except for the Sorcerer. As the night wore on the Fighter and the Cleric went up stairs and joined the action in the arena, the Sorcerer sat at the table enjoying his tea, The bard went and danced at the stage with the band. Further into the night, the main event, the tavern brawl began, the tavern exploded into a flurry of activity. The characters were targeted by fledgling illithid assasigns. The characters survived the brawl and the assault. They woke up, gathered information and proceeded on their journey heading to Pelnorn.

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